Check Cherry API Documentation

The Check Cherry API allows automated access to many features and functions of Check Cherry. Integration usually requires a developer and once implemented, will allow sites to exchange information using JSON over a “REST-ful” API.

Getting Started

To get API credentials, you will first need to create an App on the Check Cherry App Platform. If you are interested in creating an App for Check Cherry please contact and we can help get you started. As part of the App setup process you can indicate what features and functionality of Check Cherry you need access to.


Within your App’s settings you will find an App ID and an App Secret. In order to authenticate, you can either provide app_id and app_secret as a parameter in your GET, POST, and other types of requests, or you can pass the APP_ID and APP_SECRET as HTTP headers.

For API calls that relate only to your App such as managing your App’s template gallery, this is sufficient. However many API calls may pertain to a specific business. In this case, you will also need to provide the franchise_id as either a parameter in your requests or a FRANCHISE_ID HTTP header.

In the case of invalid or missing credentials or insufficient access to a specific API, you will receive a 403 response from the server. Additionally the JSON returned will include a reason of insufficient_permission.

Security and Policies


Usage of the API must be compliant with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Check Cherry. Access to the API is subject to the sole discretion of Check Cherry and may be terminated at any time.


When integrating with Check Cherry via the API and App Platform, you may have access to information from connected businesses and from the customers of connected businesses. By using the API or App Platform you also agree that you will:

  • Access and save only the information you need and not unncessarily collect or request data not necessary for your use-case
  • Not store information beyond what is necessary for the implementation of your service. Any collected information should be removed when it is no longer in use and should be handled in a manner compliant with any applicable laws (including GDPR where applicable) and following industry best practices
  • No collected information can be sold, shared, or otherwise exchanged with another third-party. Customers should not be contacted outside of Check Cherry and should not be sold to or otherwise solicited.
  • Remove any collected information when a user disconnects their App
  • Report any security or privacy issues you come across and to not abuse the system in any way

Rate Limiting

In order to provide a reliable service and to maintain security, Check Cherry enforces rate limits on API requests, so excessive API calls should be avoided. These numbers vary based on the system load, cost of the API calls, and other factors. In the case that the rate-limit is exceeded, Check Cherry returns a 403 Forbidden with an associated “Rate Limit Exceeded” message in the message body. If you find yourself frequently being throttled, please contact us at with details of your use-case.