Business - Events

Create Proposal


POST /api/v1/events


Name Description
is_proposal Set to true to create a proposal, false to create a confirmed booking
proposal_date_reserved If a proposal, reserve the date?
signature_collected If a confirmed booking has the signature already been collected?
custom_title Override the default title
total_amount Override the final total, after all tax, adjustments, and discounts have been applied
paid_amount Override the amount paid
custom_deposit_amount Override the deposit amount
venue_google_place_id Venue's Google Place ID
venue_latitude Venue's Latitude
venue_longitude Venue's Longitude
venue_name Venue's Name
venue_address Venue's Street Address
venue_city Venue's City
venue_state Venue's State
venue_zip Venue's Zip
contact_type required Contact Type (One of: New Customer, Existing Customer, None)
customer_user_id Customer's User ID (if existing customer)
contact_name Contact's Name
contact_email Contact's Email
contact_company_name Contact's Company Name
contact_description Contact's Description
contact_phone Contact's Phone
contact_street Contact's Street
contact_city Contact's City
contact_state_code Contact's State Code
contact_postal_code Contact's Postal Code
public_notes Public Notes
private_notes Private Notes
add_tax Add Tax? (boolean)
add_travel Add Travel? (boolean)
proposal_valid_through Proposal Valid Through
send_contact_invitation_to_create_account Send Contact Invitation to Create Account? (boolean) (Only applies if a confirmed booking with a new customer)
send_booking_confirmation_emails Send Booking Confirmation Emails? (boolean) (Only applies if a confirmed booking)
lead_id Lead ID (if converting from an existing lead
brand_id Brand ID
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][event_type_id] required Package ID
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][one_off_custom_title] One Off Custom Title (If package_id set to customer)
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][custom_description_html] Custom Description HTML (If package_id set to customer)
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][starts_at_date] required Starts At Date
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][starts_at_time] Starts At Time (AM/PM, in business time zone)
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][ends_at_time] Ends At Time (Leave blank to automatically calculate)
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][length_in_minutes] Length in Minutes (For hourly packages only)
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][length_in_days] Length in Days (For daily packages only)
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][units] Units (For packages with units only)
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][backdrop_id] Backdrop ID
quick_event_bookings_attributes[0][add_on_ids] Add On IDs



POST /api/v1/events


Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
App-Id: cb86f234-66e4-4d5e-9f4a-b77c399578bf
App-Secret: C27LjZMQvVWRWzEif4de9LMJ459eTHgoewe4utCo
Franchise-Id: 236


  "is_proposal": true,
  "proposal_date_reserved": true,
  "contact_type": "New Customer",
  "contact_name": "John Smith",
  "contact_email": "",
  "contact_phone": "555-555-5555",
  "send_contact_invitation_to_create_account": false,
  "send_booking_confirmation_emails": false,
  "quick_event_bookings_attributes": {
    "0": {
      "event_type_id": 23,
      "starts_at_date": "12-31-2023",
      "starts_at_time": "11:00AM",
      "length_in_minutes": 180


Simulated Response




Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Cache-Control: max-age=0, private, must-revalidate
X-Request-Id: af32fa81-cb1c-4670-bb94-ac3a49b38f04
Content-Length: 501


  "meta": {
    "status": "ok"
  "data": {
    "id": "46",
    "type": "event_autocomplete",
    "attributes": {
      "id": 46,
      "title": "John Smith’s Thelma",
      "status": "proposal_date_reserved",
      "formatted_status": "Proposal (Date Reserved)",
      "booked_at": null,
      "starts_at": "2023-12-31T11:00:00.000-08:00",
      "ends_at": "2023-12-31T14:00:00.000-08:00",
      "starts_at_date": "12-31-2023",
      "starts_at_time": "11:00 AM",
      "preview_images": [
          "event_type_variant": "/assets/prize-dddddd-b0dab4555d253a9daf0e6b30d4ad5572dd37fbfad501fb8eec6a1d53eb7629ad.png"