We're building Check Cherry to help you embrace the new ways people buy and sell services online. This modern approach produces better leads, more business, happier clients, and allows for personal connections.

We've helped our customers book over $100 million in business and it's growing every day.

Founded in 2016, Check Cherry helps those who sell services win more business with online booking. From side-hustle entrepreneurs looking to earn an extra income to full-time pros looking for the systems that they need to stay on top of their game. Check Cherry delivers a world-class platform for booking, managing and collaborating.

We are giving people a better way.

The Check Cherry Way

The contact form is dead.

No one wants to fill out your "Contact Us" form only to become a lead. It gives them the feeling they will be "sold" something they don't want or repeatedly followed up on to buy something that was never a good fit. Online booking is a better way to start a relationship with someone considering your services.

Business will always require human connections. When you layout your packages in a transparent, easy to understand way and offer online booking, the path to move forward is clear, and people will follow it.

No one wants to wait.

Clients want easy access to everything they need to manage their bookings. By offering online booking and an easy-to-use customer portal, you'll make collaboration easier and increase customer satisfaction. Common sense automation and self-service systems save both you and your customers' time.

Everyone wants to know the price.

Instead of fighting it, we should leverage this part of the buying process by publicly sharing packages and pricing online. By being more transparent, prospective buyers will have more trust and be more likely to buy.

Making it easy to compare packages with different price points allows you to establish value, set price anchors, and increase online sales.

Online booking is more than just closing sales.

It's also about getting better leads. Online booking lowers the barrier for people who want to take the next step in the buying process. Many will start; not all will finish. Those who saw your packages/pricing and still submitted personal information are great leads worthy of a follow up.

Clients want more control.

Allowing customers to book when they are ready is empowering. Let them choose the packages and add-ons they want without high-pressure sales. When you give customers more control they will like and trust you more. People who like and trust you are much more likely to buy.

You will always control your packages, pricing, and customer experience. Observing customers buying patterns allows you to test, iterate, and improve the effectiveness of your packages, pricing, and add-ons.

Buying should be easy.

While many will prefer to book online, some will prefer a more traditional sales process. Make hiring your company easy by sending easy to understand online proposals with electronic signatures and payments.

Allow customers to use their preferred method of payment. People hate payment surcharges and other unexpected fees. By setting your prices to account for the expected costs of doing business, you'll keep the process moving, book more business and make customers happy.

Create real connections with clients.

Business automation and self-service tools should always benefit the customer and never replace real personal connections with clients. When used in just the right places, you will free up time to make a deeper connection with clients.

Our Team

Judd Lillestrand


A seasoned entrepreneur and software developer, Judd loves learning how people use Check Cherry. From asking questions in the Facebook group to fielding chat requests.

Matt Goatcher


An experienced software developer and entrepreneur, Matt is a force within Check Cherry. From driving the development of new features to quickly squashing a bug report. He's worked on projects big and small and loves taking on a challenge to make Check Cherry both easy to use and crazy powerful.

People will ❤️ how easy it is to book you online.

Try Check Cherry free for 14 days, no credit card required.

Try Check Cherry free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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