About Check Cherry

Check Cherry was created to help you win more business, perform fewer repetitive tasks and spend more time delighting your customers. Our efforts are driven by a timeless customer centric philosophy which is more relevant than ever and the best way we know to run a successful business.

We believe the benefits of automation and self-service are not limited to bigger companies and their customers.

The Sweet Spot

There is a sweet spot for business automation and client management.

  • Self-service features which benefit both the customer and business.
  • Repetitive, impersonal tasks are ripe for automation.
  • Over-automation is impersonal and should be avoided.
  • Sweet spot automation affords you more time to delight customers and grow your business.

We don't want you to ever manually craft an invoice. We don't want you to ever send proposal/quote and wonder if they ever saw it. We don't want you to lose business to another company because they were easier to book.

We want to help transform your business and make it easier for your clients to do business with you.

Matt Goatcher


An experienced software developer and entrepreneur, Matt is a force within Check Cherry. From driving the development of new features to quickly squashing a bug report. He's worked on projects big and small and loves taking on a challenge to make Check Cherry both easy to use and crazy powerful.

Matt is married with two daughters. His spare time is spent hiking with the family, watching Netflix or grabbing a beer with friends.

Judd Lillestrand


A seasoned entrepreneur and software developer, Judd loves learning how people use Check Cherry. From asking questions in the Facebook group to fielding chat requests.

Judd is married and has three children. He spends his spare time playing his custom built arcade machine, listening to audio books or swimming with the kids on a hot summer day.

Hundreds of Amazing Customers

Product Feedback, Issue Reports, Referrals

It turns out, listening to customers is a great way to develop a service that works for people. With the help of our customers we've been able to consistently deliver new features, enhancements and make sure Check Cherry is a solid user experience for both you and your clients.

$20 million in bookings and counting āœ… šŸ’ šŸš€

Founded in 2016, Check Cherry has been helping event service providers win more business, stay organized and simply live better lives. From side-hustle entrepreneurs looking to earn extra income to full time pros looking for the systems they need to stay on top of their game, Check Cherry delivers an easy-to-use system with minimal setup and deep customization.

Let's make happier clients together.