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Everything we do at Check Cherry comes down to these two goals: increasing our customers' revenue and reducing the busywork associated with handling more events.

But how?

"Why isn't there a shopping cart for my photo booth business?"

Business was booming at Localboy, Ross Holman's Photo Booth and Mobile DJ business. Happy customers and great online reviews meant more events. More events meant more staff and more equipment to keep track of. It also meant more payments to collect, forms for customers fill out, and follow-ups to send. And so much of the process had to be done manually.

Ross knew there had to be a better way. There were plenty of tools out there to manage events, but none of them could take a customer through the booking process from start to finish while capturing what made Localboy different than the competition. Plus they all just looked terrible. Localboy's website experience needed to be clean and modern to match the brand.

Ross met with Judd and Matt from BitPeel. "Why isn't there a shopping cart for my photo booth business? I want to be able to walk my online customers through my packages, build profiles for my DJs, and let my customers choose add-ons." They didn't know it at the time, but Check Cherry had been born.

The Best Customer Experience

Its 2019. We all use the internet to pay bills, shop online, get reviews, and stay in touch with our friends. Are your customers any different? Check Cherry was built to give your customers the best online experience possible. Have a corporate client that books frequent events? They already know what they want; they should be able to get on your website and get it booked. Have a client that wants to make partial payments as their event date gets closer? Let them. Have you added uplighting to your services? Let your customers see all of your services while they're checking out or managing their event and they might buy something you never would have thought to suggest.

Upselling on the phone is dead. Its alive and well online

There are two ways to grow your photooboth business. Book more events, and make more money per event. Check Cherry will help you with both.

Our streamlined booking process will guide your internet customers through your packages and offerings without overwhelming them with giant forms. If they don't complete the process, you still capture their information and can send automated follow-ups. Customizable coupons can help you close the deal with customers still on the fence.

Presenting your extra offerings and special packages when your customer logs in will increase your average revenue per event. And when customers pay online, you get your money sooner.

Do you send a follow-up email thanking your customers and asking for a Yelp or Facebook review? Do you send your past brides and grooms a "Happy Anniversary" message every year? Now you can automate this process. When your customers remember their special day with you, they're more likely to recommend you and more likely to use you again.

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The Check Cherry Team

Check Cherry was started to give our customers the best possible tools to run their business. We're passionate about helping you run a better business.

We love feedback, so if you have any questions or have ideas for making Check Cherry a better product, just shoot us an email at hello@checkcherry.com.

Judd Lillestrand

Judd's focus is software development, support and sales. He has previously contributed to several technology companies such as Zappos.com and Vertical Response in the areas of sales, finance, business development, operations and software development.

Matt Goatcher

Primarily focusing on developing and maintaining the Check Cherry platform, Matt is a seasoned software engineer with a Bachelors of Computer Science from the University of California Riverside.

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