Our Story

Thanks to their fantastic customer service, talented DJs and great reputation in the community, Ross Holman's Mobile DJ business, Local Boy, was rapidly growing. Unfortunately as they got busier, they found they were spending more and more time on operations, and less time on building and delivering on their trademark service. They were stuck with slow and clunky tools for keeping track of payments, managing team availability, and interacting with clients. Ross knew there had to be a better way to manage his business, but after looking at the existing solutions marketplace was left unsatisfied.

Ross soon connected with the guys from BitPeel. Judd and Matt worked with Ross to understand his business, pain-points and ideas. With a clear understanding of the problem, the BitPeel guys built Ross his own platform for managing Local Boy. Ross was thrilled with the final product. His customers loved the new interface. Repeat bookings skyrocketed, average ticket prices increased, and his daily workload was a fraction of what it had been before.

The three soon discussed making the platform available to other businesses. After talking with a wide range of event professionals, the three decided to form a new venture and Check Cherry was born.

The Team

Ross bio round
Ross Holman
Co-founder, Product Growth

Ross is primarily focused on sales and marketing efforts. He has years of experience performing as a professional DJ and growing his DJ business, LocalBoy, to a leading provider of DJ and Photobooth services in Southern California.

Ross brings an incredible passion for helping others success in their business. In 2015, Ross was the recipient of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the city of Riverside, California.

Judd bio round
Judd Lillestrand
Co-founder, Software Development

Judd's focus is software development and sales. He has previously contributed to several technology companies such as Zappos.com and Vertical Response in the areas of sales, finance, business development, operations and software development.

Judd is a partner at BitPeel, an award winning software development agency focused on building well tested and easy to use software.

Matt bio round
Matt Goatcher
Co-founder, Software Development

Primarily focusing on developing and maintain the Check Cherry platform, Matt is a seasoned software engineer with a Bachelors of Computer Science from the University of California Riverside.

Matt is a partner at BitPeel, an award winning software development agency. In 2016, Matt was recognized as Riverside's Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Run a better business with Check Cherry.