Photo Booth Booking Software

Check Cherry is the easy-to-use online booking system designed for both you and your photo booth clients.

"I have just moved my booking system from another PhotoBooth booking system to CheckCherry. I am loving the clean, fresh design of the back end and especially loving the widgets for easily embedding into our website for things like add-ons, backdrops etc."

Marc P Summers

Availability Done Right

Avoid being overbooked or under equipped. Check Cherry makes it easy to manage the availability of your backdrops, staff, equipment and more.

  • Allow clients to choose among your available backdrops for any given date.
  • Assign staff to work events, provide them with a schedule and an ability to set time off.
  • Set booking limits for your company and packages.
  • Track the availability of add-ons.
  • Manually set blockout dates for packages or services.

Bundle multiple backdrops to automatically track and manage double-sided backdrop availability.

Photo Booth Templates

Dedicated features to help your client select the perfect template overlay for their next photo booth event.

  • Upload the templates you offer to Check Cherry.
  • Allow your clients to select among the templates.
  • Send automated reminders if a template has not been selected.
  • Allow clients to approve the file artwork.
  • Embed the templates you've uploaded to Check Cherry into your marketing website.

Optionally, you can integrate popular photo booth template providers so you don't have to spend time uploading files.

True Online Booking

Allow clients to click a button on your website and truly book your services. They'll be selecting a package, signing off on your terms and paying the deposit. They'll love how easy and convenient it is to start doing business with your company.

  • Set and manage your availability.
  • Configure your package and deposit preferences.
  • Upsell with add-ons.
  • Automatically calculate pricing including tax and travel.
  • Offer coupons and discounts to drive more sales.
  • Looks great on your client's phone, tablet or laptop.

"Within a day of incorporating the button into my website, I got a booking."

Contracts, Signatures, Deposits

Upload your terms and streamline the process of acquiring signature for both self-service booking and proposals.

  • Start by adding a package from your list of services.
  • Optionally tack-on recommended add-ons.
  • Request a signature, collect a deposit and close the sale.
  • Make one-off changes to pricing, terms and more.


Never manually craft or update an invoice again. Your clients will love the 24/7 access to professional looking invoices they can print or download.

  • Automatically generated with each new sale.
  • Automatically updated when:
    • Your client makes a payment.
    • You add a discount.
    • Services are added or removed.
  • Tax can be automatically applied.
  • Travel fees can be automatically applied.
  • Override pricing and terms for those one-off situation.


All your bookings in one spot, updated automatically easily viewed online or synced to another device.

  • Maintain both company and individual staff calendars
  • Toggle visibility of bookings, proposals and time-off.
  • Sync any calendar onto a phone or computer and use your preferred calendar app.


Effortlessly maintain accurate records of your client communication and see how people interact with each email.

  • All future replies to any email originating from Check Cherry will automatically be logged.
  • There's no need to for your team or client to log into Check Cherry to communicate after the initial message.
  • Know if a client opened and email or clicked a link within each message.

Tax Calculations

Sales tax calculations suck. There's no need to manually calculate sales tax for each booking in order to collect the right amount.

  • Allow for some of your services to taxable while others are tax exempt.
  • Set tax rates based on geographic zones so you can follow your accountant's advice.
  • Automatically pull the tax rate based on the address of a booking via TaxJar.
  • Easily override the tax rate of any booking for exempt organizations.

Travel Fees

Automatically calculate and apply travel fees to each new proposal and self-service booking.

  • Setup multiple Travel Zones.
  • Allow for a free tier of travel.
  • Charge based on the distance or set a flat rate.
  • Customize the originating address for each Travel Zone.
  • Prevent new self-service bookings outside your Travel Zones.

It's time to book more booths.

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