Party Booking System

Make it easy for people to book your event space for parties online.

If you sell with packages and add-ons you're going to love Check Cherry.

"exponentially increased sales"

"streamlined our processes"

"just amazing"

"I can't get over how great of a platform these guys have put together as they continue to improve and expand. I have yet to find a Saas company like this one."

-Keaton Greene, Be Live Entertainment

We offer everything you need to do online booking right.

✅ Require Deposits

Never put a booking on your calendar again without payment. Send automatic reminders when full payment is due and let them pay online. Square, Stripe, and PayPal integrations available.

✅ Sign Contracts

Make certain each booking has a signed agreement. Upload your terms, collect signatures, and automatically insert sections based on the package or add-on purchased.

✅ Upsell with Add-ons

Customers can't buy just any add-on. Limit which add-ons are available for which packages. Add images and descriptions to help people see what they are buying.

✅ Add Your Packages

You don't have products; you have packages. Add your packages, configure pricing, deposits, images, and more for a smooth checkout experience.

✅ Booking Management

You're going to need help managing all those online bookings. Sync your calendar, automatically build a checklist, automatically send messages based on the package booked.

✅ Client Portal

Allow clients to access and manage their booking in your customer portal. They can fill out questionnaires, make payments, and more.

Plus all other stuff you need to manage bookings, stay organized and impress clients.

Countless thoughtful details.
One great system.

Try Check Cherry free for 14 days, no credit card required.

People are going to love how easy it is to do business with your company.

You're going to love all the ways we help you get more business, stay organize and look like a pro.

Maximize your online sales without having to do all the hard work.

✅ Your Branding & Colors

Customize your account by uploading your logo and matching your brand's color. You can even manage multiple brands in one account.

✅ Simple Website Integration

Integrating with your marketing website is easy. Just add call-to-action buttons linking to your services or packages.

✅ Multi-step Booking

Check Cherry walks people through your booking process over multiple steps, so you get more leads, insight, and sales. You'll love the lead alerts.

✅ Partial Bookings Leads

If a person starts the booking process but does not finish, we'll send you a Lead Alert so you can follow up, learn more and close the sale.

✅ Add Images Everywhere

People online buy with their eyes. That's why you can add images throughout the booking process. Add photos to packages, add-ons, proposals, places, and more.

✅ Send Beautiful Proposals

Some clients will want a proposal. Present your offer, collect a signature, and ensure you have a deposit before the booking is confirmed.

"The perfect end to end online booking and payment solution. It has made my work so much easier, and it's convenient for my clients to click to select their session, sign the contract, and pay. I love it!"

- Cammy

Get more bookings from your website.

  • 1. Build your account.

    Add your logo, brand colors. Most of the account setup is done when signing up for a free trial. We've seen people up and running in less than an hour.

  • 2. Add your packages.

    Set your prices, deposit requirements, add descriptions, and images. Organize your packages so it's easy for people to buy.

  • 3. Integrate your website.

    Sprinkle in timely and effective call-to-action buttons like "Book Now," "View Packages," and "Pricing" on your marketing website. Check Cherry works with all the website builders and hosts.

Try Check Cherry free for 14 days, no credit card required.