Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Check Cherry easily integrates with any website. Whether you're using WordPress, Squarespace, Wix or another system, simply copy and paste the appropriate links and start booking new business. You can even link directly to specific packages and services or link to customers to the sign in page where they can manage their reservation.

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Absolutely. Check Cherry easily integrates Facebook allow you to add a "Book Now" button to capture new business.

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Check Cherry integrates directly with Stripe and PayPal.

You can connect both and let your customer decide or choose just one if you prefer. After each successful payment, invoices are updated in real time and the outstanding balance reduced.

When someone makes a payment via card, the transaction in processed by Stripe and customers will see your business name on their bank statement.

Check Cherry is only available in English and currently supported for the following countries:

Country Currency Example
Canada $567.89
United Kingdom £567.89
Australia $567.89
Ireland €567.89
Sweden 567.89 kr
New Zealand $567.89
South Africa R567.89
United States $567.89

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