Platform Overview

Everything you need to increase sales, run your business and wow your clients.

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True Online Booking

Allow clients to click a button on your website and truly book your services. They'll be selecting a package, signing off on your terms and paying the deposit. They'll love how easy and convenient it is to start doing business with your company.

  • Set and manage your availability.
  • Configure your package and deposit preferences.
  • Upsell with add-ons.
  • Automatically calculate pricing including tax and travel.
  • Offer coupons and discounts to drive more sales.
  • Looks great on your client's phone, tablet or laptop.

"Within a day of incorporating the button into my website, I got a booking."

Availability Done Right

Avoid being overbooked or under equipped. Check Cherry makes it easy to manage the availability of your staff, equipment and more.

  • Assign staff to work events, provide them with a schedule and an ability to set time off.
  • Manage the availability of your inventory.
  • Set booking limits for your company as a whole and individual packages or services.
  • Track the availability of add-ons.
  • Manually set blackout dates for packages or services.
  • Set your availability for any given any given day of the week.

Bundle items to manage and limit more complex situations such as collection of equipment offered with a package or add-on.


Send your clients beautiful and impressive proposals that convert.

  • Creation starts with a base package.
  • Add additional services and add-ons.
  • Send your client a special link.
  • Track proposal views via location.

Contracts, Signatures, Deposits

Upload your terms and streamline the process of acquiring signature for both self-service booking and proposals.

  • Start by adding a package from your list of services.
  • Optionally tack-on recommended add-ons.
  • Request a signature, collect a deposit and close the sale.
  • Make one-off changes to pricing, terms and more.


Never manually craft or update an invoice again. Your clients will love the 24/7 access to professional looking invoices they can print or download.

  • Automatically generated with each new sale.
  • Automatically updated when:
    • Your client makes a payment.
    • You add a discount.
    • Services are added or removed.
  • Tax can be automatically applied.
  • Travel fees can be automatically applied.
  • Override pricing and terms for those one-off situation.


All your bookings in one spot, updated automatically easily viewed online or synced to another device.

  • Maintain both company and individual staff calendars
  • Toggle visibility of bookings, proposals and time-off.
  • Sync any calendar onto a phone or computer and use your preferred calendar app.


Effortlessly maintain accurate records of your client communication and see how people interact with each email.

  • All future replies to any email originating from Check Cherry will automatically be logged.
  • There's no need to for your team or client to log into Check Cherry to communicate after the initial message.
  • Know if a client opened and email or clicked a link within each message.


Never forget a task, to-do or your equipment again. With checklists you can

  • Manage a to-do list for each booking.
  • Manage an equipment list for each booking.
  • Auto generate checklists based on package or add-on.
  • Set permissions for your staff.

Tax Calculations

Sales tax calculations suck. There's no need to manually calculate sales tax for each booking in order to collect the right amount.

  • Allow for some of your services to taxable while others are tax exempt.
  • Set tax rates based on geographic zones so you can follow your accountant's advice.
  • Automatically pull the tax rate based on the address of a booking via TaxJar.
  • Easily override the tax rate of any booking for exempt organizations.

Travel Fees

Automatically calculate and apply travel fees to each new proposal and self-service booking.

  • Setup multiple Travel Zones.
  • Allow for a free tier of travel.
  • Charge based on the distance or set a flat rate.
  • Customize the originating address for each Travel Zone.
  • Prevent new self-service bookings outside your Travel Zones.

Planning Forms

Collaborate with clients for the perfect event and receive notification when the form is finalized.

  • Customize the forms to the specifics of your needs.
  • Automatically import the questionnaires templates based on booking type.
  • Create one-off changes for those special requirements.
  • Add multiple tabs for easy navigation.