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2023 Highlights

January 31, 2024 Judd Lillestrand

It's time for another annual recap. I'm happy to share that it was another excellent year for Check Cherry and its customers. We ended the year with record-high client booking volume and revenue collected.  With our amazing customers' feedback, we improved Check Cherry in several essential aspects. Here are some highlights:

iOS and Android Apps [New Platforms]

Over the years, offering "an app" has been consistently requested by our customers. In early 2023, we made it happen: Check Cherry is now available on iOS and Android. These native apps are designed to make it even easier for staff and admins to get work done on the go, and we're pleased with the results and feedback.


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Referrals [New Feature]

Referrals are the cornerstone of any solid business. If people consistently recommend a business' service to others, you know they are on the path to success. In 2023, we introduced features to help our customers better track referrals from their clients, staff, and venues. 


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Login Codes [New Feature]

People forget passwords, and while we've come up with some handy ways of allowing people to access Check Cherry's client portal without needing a password, there are times when a password is required. Login Codes simplify the login process. Enter an email address, receive a code, and you're in!


Custom Email Signatures [New Feature]

Custom email signatures were another common feature request, and it was surprising we didn't already support it. Customers can now add a default signature to outgoing automated emails.


Proposals [Improvements]

Proposal Requests

We love it when our customers offer online booking becuase we know it will make them more successful. However, not everyone is ready to offer true online booking. In 2023, we added a new mode to the booking engine: "Request for Proposal". 

With the "Request for Proposal" mode enabled, our customers can showcase packages and add-ons with the booking engine; however, instead of allowing customers to sign and pay a deposit, a proposal is generated, reviewed by an admin, and manually sent out for signature and initial payment.

Address Collection

Sometimes, our customers want to send an offer to a prospect when they don't know the venue's address. Now, one can send a proposal without an address and require their client to provide the address before accepting the Proposal. Travel fees and sales tax will be calculated after an address is provided to ensure accurate billing. It's a great way to keep the sales process moving.


Automated Messages [Improvements]

Trigger by Add-on

It's now possible to send an automated message when an add-on is purchased. This feature gives our customers another helpful method for sending automated alerts. For example, they might alert a specific team member or supplier when an add-on is purchased.

Message History Search

We've rolled out an initial search feature for your Message History. One can now search "To" and "From" for email and SMS messages. Search is particularly helpful and allows customers to see all messages sent to staff or clients across all Bookings, Leads, and Proposals.


Multiple Conditions

Customers can now add multiple conditions for automated messages to narrow down further when to trigger an automatic email or text message. We're excited to see how our people use this new option. 


Discount Codes [Improvements]

One can now share a link to the online booking engine and have a Discount Code automatically applied. Promoting a special is now easier than ever.


Zapier Integration [Improvements]

We've enhanced our Zapier integration to allow for the creation of proposals and bookings. This one is for those power users who use custom automation and integrate Check Cherry with other systems.


Checklists [Improvements]

Improved Sync

We've learned our customers are continuously improving their operations. In 2023, we made it easier to update existing bookings when a Checklist Template changes. With one click, existing bookings can leverage the most recent template.

One-off Checklist Items

Customers can now create a task or to-do for their checklists not associated with a booking. This feature is helpful for general business items such as paying taxes, reviewing marketing campaigns, etc.


Flex Pricing [Improvements]

Flex on End Time

We've added the option to surcharge or discount based on the end time of a booking. This new rule is helpful if a customer wants to discount bookings that end before 4 PM because it will provide enough time to work on another event in the evening. Alternatively, one can add a surcharge for bookings that continue into the early morning hours.

Flex on Venues

Customers can now surcharge or discount based on a booking's location. One might use this to automatically charge more for hard-to-access, expensive, or just pain-in-the-neck venues. Alternatively, if a customer has a special relationship with a venue, they can automatically apply for a discount. 


Online Booking Engine [Improvements]

We know our customers want more customization and control over the online booking process. In 2023, we updated the Online Booking Engine to give customers the option to change the text of the call-to-action buttons and page headings during each step of online booking.


Payments [Improvements]

We added the option to add or remove a form of payment for a specific client account. Customers can now deviate from their account's default payment methods on a Proposal or Booking.


Invoices [Improvements]

Alternate Logo

Customers can now add an alternate logo for invoices. This option is particularly helpful for logos that do not show well with a white background. 

Due Dates

While rare, some customers prefer to set an invoice due date after the booking's scheduled date. For example, they want full payment due 30 days after the booking's scheduled date for corporate packages.

Override "Invoice For"

Corporate clients can be fussy when it comes to invoice formats. As a result, we made updating the "Invoice For" section on invoices easier so our customers can get paid faster.


Lead Forms [Improvements]

We've made it possible for customers to change the order of the fields on any Lead Form. It helps customers craft the perfect form for collecting leads at tradeshows or on their website.


Backdrops [Improvements]

No Extra Charge

We've made it much easier to include a backdrop at no charge with some packages while charging a fee with others. Select the packages included at no charge and set a default price for all other packages.

Lead Times

Sometimes, our customers present backdrop options they don't own. In order to provide adequate time for shipping a new backdrop, customers can now specify a lead time for backdrops. 


A ton of smaller stuff

We also made many minor changes and tweaks to Check Cherry to make the platform easier to use, support, and overall better for everyone. While these changes are not worth mentioning individually, the little stuff adds up over time and meaningfully impacts the service. It's like going to the gym: day by day, there does not seem to be a change, but over time, the results speak for themselves.


Looking at 2024

2024 looks to be another excellent year for Check Cherry and its customers. We'll continue to improve our service by listening to customer feedback and executing our vision for a company we're all proud to be associated.

People will ❤️ how easy it is to book you online.

Try Check Cherry free for 14 days, no credit card required.

Try Check Cherry free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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