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Are You Targeting Millennials Or Missing Out On Bookings?

November 20, 2017 Justin Jowett
 With Millenials increasingly becoming the biggest sector of the global market it's imperative photo booth operators of all generations know how to reach and appeal to them. In fact a recent Deloitte* survey predicted that by 2025, Millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce. So if you haven't already made Millennials part of your marketing strategy then consider this your wake up call!

And yes you absolutely need a marketing strategy just for them. The reason being is that Millenials, also known as the Y Generation, are very different to the previous generations so unless you are also a Millenial you're unlikely to intuitively have any clue how to appeal to and reach them effectively.

Millenials In A Nutshell

There is loads of articles with more in depth characteristic trait breakdowns to be found online for those of you interested but in a nutshell a Millenial is:

The most numerous, tech savvy, well educated, impatient and adventurous generation of truly global citizens in Western History.

How To Target Millenials

1. Give Value Not Sales Pitches – Millennials have an in built sales pitch detector and once you trigger that you've lost their attention for good so don't try. Instead offer them value to get and maintain their attention. Great content especially something entertaining which helps them understand your product in a more passive way is a much better tactic. For instance a video with cool music showing off your booths and attendants in action will be far more appealing to them than pages of text telling them how good you are.

You can also give them great value by building an ecosystem of free to access content via your blog eg “Our 10 Best Tips For Choosing A Wedding Venue” or “Must Have Inclusions For A Great Prop Box” All of these articles will position you in the mind of the Millennial as a trustworthy expert and that all goes a long way to convincing them that you are the photo booth operator they want to book with.

2. Make it Convenient To Book You – This is the generation that has grown up with on-demand services and entertainment. They aren't used to waiting for things so make booking you super convenient and super easy. Add a “Book Now” button to your site and ensure it's not just a static inquiry form you're sending them to but an easy to use booking and payment engine. Services like Check Cherry integrated into a photo booth website absolutely nails this and will really appeal to the Millennial client.

I can already hear those of you from the other generations saying “I would never book a photo booth or something similar without talking to the company first!”. On this point as a Gen X'er myself I totally agree but this article isn't about appealing to us old fuddy duddy's it's about appealing to Millenials and they aren't like us. The good news is this is not an either or scenario, you can have the best of both worlds by catering for both.

3. Mix In Their Social Circles – I'm not talking about hanging out with them (although that can be an effective albeit possibly creepy strategy) so much as make sure you're engaging them online via their favorite social networks.  Forbes** recently found that despite Facebook being the no.1 social site it has increasingly become yesterdays news for Millenials have moved on to newer and more cutting edge social sites like Snapchat. So make sure you are up to speed with the latest social sites and how they interact with them to maximize your engagement with Millennials.

4. Be Mobile Responsive – Millenials spend more time on their mobile devices than any other and they are using them for every part of the sales process. If your site isn't mobile friendly then chances are they are gone as quickly as they arrived. Wordpress and many other web platforms are making it increasingly easier to ensure your websites are mobile responsive and Google is even basing their search ranking on how responsive sites are too so there is no excuse not to be.

Once again this isn't an either/or scenario you can continue to appeal to your traditional markets who like me prefer to use a PC by having great website pages just make them mobile friendly too.

5. Integrate Video – Millennials go mad for video content, especially if it's good and easily shareable. This is a double bonus for those photo boothers that do this well thanks to the SEO boost video content gives your website rankings. Just make sure you create something of value, if you're not confident enough to create your own employ the services of someone who is.


If you can improve your reach and appeal to the fast growing Millennial market the bookings are going to follow. And no matter what generation you're from that can only be a good thing for your photo booth business.

Happy Boothin!


More About Justin Jowett

An active member of the photo booth industry since 2010, Justin is a serial photo booth blogger and occasional speaker who enjoys helping photo booth operators by sharing his knowledge and helping others. He knows first hand about boothing having run a successful photo booth rental business from 2010 – 2014 in Australia. Justin is now the Head of Operations for Photobooth Finder a free to list marketing platform and lead generation directory for North American and Australian photo booth operators. He is also the Organizer of BoothCon, the yearly Australian photo booth educational conference and trade show.

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