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6 Ways To Increase Photo Booth Sales With Coupons

February 8, 2018 Ross
Coupons are an amazing tool to help grow a photo booth business. I've found some really good ways to use coupons at my business, Local Boy, and I thought I would  share what is working for me so you can consider them for your business.

Venue Discounts

Do you do business with a venue on a recurring basis? Create a special coupon with the venue's name in it. By including their name in the coupon code, they know it's exclusively for their customers and gives them another reason to recommend your service to others. If you want more venue business, try calling several in your area and  and offer an exclusive coupon. Perhaps you'll earn a spot on that coveted Preferred Vendor list, too.

Example Code: HARDROCK10 

Event Coordinators

Have you just worked with a really awesome event coordinator? Offer to create a custom coupon with their name in it for their clients exclusive use.  Next time they speak with a customers they can offer more value to their client by sharing your code.

Example Code: ABBYLEE

Seasonal Coupons

Need to drum up sales during a slower season? Create a coupon to limit the usage of a coupon based on the date the event is held and encourage people to book your service. Spread the word by sharing your coupon on Facebook, Instagram or be bold and snap that puppy right on your website for all to see. Just be sure to set an expiration date as it will help encourage people to pull the trigger before the offer expires. 

Example Code: WINTER2018

Favorable Organizations

Show your support for the military or other organizations you want to support. Be sure to display this code on your website to get the full halo effect and attract like minded customers.

Example Code: MILITARY

Online Sales Channels

Are you using Adwords, Yelp or Thumbtack to get leads? Juice up your ad with a special limited time offer to lure in more customers. Also, by using specific coupons for each channel, you can track new  and see where to invest your resources.

Example Code: THUMBTACK30

Package Upsell

Help nudge customers to spend more by creating a coupon only redeemable for premium packages. I love this one because it really gives people a reason shift focus away from a base package and compare what they are missing in my premium package.

Example Code: UPGRADE100

People will ❤️ how easy it is to book you online.

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