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Mini Session Ideas [Inspiration]

December 9, 2020 Judd Lillestrand

Running a successful photography business often means developing a steady flow of business throughout the year. While your bread and butter may be seasonal, you can fill in your calendar with back-to-back mini sessions throughout the year. They're a great way to bring new people into your business and open up the opportunity for more sales down the road.

We've curated a list of mini session ideas to get inspired and offer something people in your area are going to love.

New Year Eve Mini Sessions

People love posing with props displaying the new year. Be sure to bring glitter, gold, and your sequin backdrops. Champagne flutes with cider also add to the feeling of celebration.

Valentines Day Mini Sessions

Perfect for new and longtime couples. Promote this one as a great gift. Red hearts, balloons, and flowers make perfect props. A simple white backdrop will make the rest of the colors pop. 

4th of July Mini Sessions

Show your spirit and be sure to bring in the red, white, and blue. American flags and rustic will fit right in. Bandanas, sunglasses, and handheld flags make great props.

Easter Mini Sessions

Stuffed bunnies, yellow chicks, and giant Easter eggs can make for a great backdrop.

Carousel Horse Mini Sessions

Pick up a vintage carousel horse for the kids to sit on. You might need to paint it, and our/mount it. If you do it right, you can rent out to other photographers and earn.

Rocking Horse Mini Sessions

The bigger, the better. Maybe even make it a unicorn. Consider adding pillows and pajamas to the mix.

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Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions

It's every kid's first business. Build a wooden stand, serve some lemonade, and capture the wholesome goodness.

Red Wagon Mini Sessions

Pick up a vintage radio flyer red wagon. 

Pedal Car Mini Sessions

Those old pedal cars are too cute. 

My Favorite Toy Mini Sessions

This one is an excellent way for parents to document their child's favorite toy. Be sure to ask people what they are bringing, so you know what to expect. 

Gone Fishing Mini Sessions

Grab a few old fishing poles and catch some cuteness. A wooden pole with a string and fake fish can be magical for toddlers. For older kids, you might want to have some cute hats and small fishing rod as props. 

Pet Mini Sessions

People love their pets, and it's fun for people to bring them to a photoshoot and mingle with other pet lovers. Consider partnering with a local animal shelter to get the word out. You might even want to donate a portion of the proceeds.

First Day Of School Mini Sessions

Grab a small chalkboard for parents to write the child's name and the grade they are entering. Include some apples, staplers, books, and a globe for props.

Sweet Stuff Mini Sessions

Make a candy bar with beautiful jars and color-coordinated treats. Giant lollypops and vintage popcorn bags will be popular.

Holiday Card Mini Sessions

Everyone needs that perfect picture for their Holiday Card. This mini session sells so well some choose not to offer it and instead do short sessions.

Pumpkin Patch Mini Sessions

Bring out the pumpkins of all colors, stack the hey barrels and throw in some rustic wood. A wheel barrel is a great option. Consider partnering with your local pumpkin patch early in the season.

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