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5 Effective Ways To Book More Clients Online

Updated February 12, 2021 Judd Lillestrand

Keeping the new business coming is a top priority of savvy entrepreneurs who run a prosperous business. That's because growing your client base is the best way to earn more word-of-mouth referrals, rack up more 5-star reviews, and have more money to invest back into your business. 

1. Invest in your website

When you're just starting, it may be sufficient to use social media to showcase your work and spread the word. However, if you want to appear more established, charge more, and craft your story, a simple yet easy understand a website is paramount. 

Keep in mind, you're website does not need to be fancy or expensive. It just needs to be the most helpful resource for people considering hiring you.

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2. Create packages and add-ons for the services you offer

Packages are an extremely effective way of selling your services. Not only does it help people understand your offering, but you can also leverage techniques such as price anchoring to help make one package appear more attractive.

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3. Make it easy to find your packages and pricing

People like it when it's easy to do business with someone. You can demonstrate your easy to do business early on by showing your packages and pricing on your website before requiring someone to provide their personal information. 

Another benefit of showing pricing is you'll spend less time chasing leads who can't afford your base package. Remember, packages and pricing are tools to help facilitate the sales process and ensure you find your ideal client.

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4. Offer online booking

Allowing people the option to book online lowers the barrier and make it easy for someone to take the next step in hiring you. It's best to use a proper online booking website like Check Cherry which allows you to collect deposits, sign agreements and offer add-ons for upsells. Avoid using general-purpose scheduling or appointment software.

5. Follow up on partial bookings

When you offer online booking, people will start but not finish the booking process. It's a bit like adding something to a shopping cart online, but not buying the item. Be sure to use an online booking system that collects partial bookings and sends lead alerts. 

Tip: Following up on good leads helps you collect feedback so you can improve your sales process. Try not to oversell and just focus on helping people make a good decision. As you collect feedback, update packages and pricing to help better accommodate what people are looking to purchase from your business.

People will ❤️ how easy it is to book you online.

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Try Check Cherry free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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